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The Brooklyn Bridge in Letterpress Type by Cameron Moll.

I came to late here, but is still worth to see it. Cameron Moll is a designer worked in Illustrator to draw a complete photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge made only with Typography. To make this beautiful work a reallity printed Cameron Molls made a kickstarter campaign to reach $10k to pay the cost of letterpress print. The campaign was very successful and he got $64k. Pretty impressive. 

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Abelina by Sudtipos (30% off)

Abelina» is a typeface that can be used in display sizes for titles where part of the central premise is to emulate certain features of gestural handwriting. 

Concepts like spontaneity, speed and fluidity, associated with the use of certain calligraphic tools – in this case the pointed brush – led to a typographic result based on the pattern-like structure coming from the chancery and italic calligraphic models.

«Abelina» - initially designed by Yanina Arabena (Calligrapher, Graphic Designer and Typographer) - is reborn to make way for “Abelina Pro” through the solid work of Guillermo Vizzari working together with Ale Paul from Sudtipos.

Throughout its use, “Abelina Pro” maintains the structure of a firm style, integrating a dynamic rhythm in the composition of short texts and offering personality to each of the words it builds. It has over a thousand glyphs, including several alternates, ligatures combination, initials and miscellaneous to reinforce the idea of the author of merging a calligraphic project in the typographic world; allowing new ways to capture this great universe of italic faces.

«Abelina» project was initially born as a typographic project developed by Yanina Arabena – tutored byAle Paul and Ana Sanfelippo – under completion of the Specialization in Typography Design at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the years 2011 and 2012.

Download it here:

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